University of Chicago

Animation / Design / Video / Production

The University of Chicago set out to bolster the ways in which a community can support learning with a core belief that “helping more students make it to and through high school and college is critical, not only because it will result in more students realizing their college aspirations, but also because research says that a college degree is still the most effective path out of poverty.” Additional studies have shown that people who finish college tend to be healthier and happier—less likely to get involved in crime or suffer from illness, and more likely to volunteer, vote, engage in their communities, and even live longer.

The University’s To & Through Project provides educators, policymakers and families with resources that give students the opportunity to flourish. Our brief was to communicate the mission behind the project, and support the program through motivating messaging. 

Ruxly created this short film to be the centerpiece of The To & Through Campaign Launch Event, which was attended by prominent stakeholders including former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. It introduced To & Through to the public and the educators, non-profit and policy partners, civic leaders, and students in attendance via a concise, engaging and impactful video.

The animation bridges the video formats by subtly reflecting the back and forth between students and instructor in a typical classroom — where a teacher begins writing notes and helpful diagrams during a lecture. 



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