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The University of Chicago’s To & Through Project provides educators, policymakers, and families with resources that give every student the opportunity and support to make it to and through high school and college. The University called on Ruxly to create a video that concisely communicated the critical messages, mission and motivation behind the project.  


We used a mix of live action student interviews and animated sequences to showcase the project's purpose in an impactful and inspiring short film. The video clearly and concisely highlights research that shows:

  • The importance of helping more students make it to and through high school and college.
  • A college degree is still the most effective path out of poverty.
  • People who finish college tend to be healthier and happier—less likely to get involved in crime or suffer from illness, and more likely to volunteer, vote, engage in their communities, and even live longer.
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Our short film was the centerpiece of The To & Through Campaign Launch Event, which was attended by prominent stakeholders including former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. It introduced To & Through to the public and the educators, non-profit and policy partners, civic leaders, and students in attendance via a concise, engaging and impactful video.




To create the animation style for the video, Ruxly artists drew inspiration from the typical classroom white board drawings used by professors while teaching a lesson. The design of the characters and scenes present an animated world that appears like a whiteboard drawing that has come to life.  



The GIFs below show a behind the scenes look at how our animated videos are created, from storyboard sketches to rough animatic to full color animation.