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Always trying to cook up fresh ways to encourage weekend travel at SPG properties, Ruxly concepted an engaging, themed content series sparked by the recent rise in food tourism. In union with the ongoing Weekend Channel campaign, we unveiled Gourmet Weekends, capitalizing on the countless opportunities for food-inspired activities in cities with a strong Starwood presence. We plated up the microsite’s content with robust chef profiles, articles and recommendations of unique eateries from dozens of destinations. 

Developing a variety of culinary themed content pieces, designed to inspire and guide guests on food focused weekend travel, the campaign was crafted to serve the exclusive, luxury style of the SPG brand. So rather than suggesting our readers follow the fad as another “food tourist” - we dished out more distinctive experiences, carefully curated for the more discerning diner.



An anchor piece of the campaign was the interactive infographic list of “20 Must-Try Dishes.” To create this, we asked SPG concierges and celebrated Chefs across the Americas to answer one question: “What is the one dish people should travel to your city to eat?”. 

A grid layout showing custom designed and animated images of the dishes serves as a clickable menu, each a gateway to a different gourmet adventure.  Digging into each dish, tasty copy elaborates on why it is unique to the city and reflective of the local culture, along with recommendations that provide practical tips for where to find the best versions. 





We sat down with one of our favorite chefs to find out what can’t-miss food experiences inspire him. Shot on location at his restaurant, one of Starwood’s most celebrated chefs takes us on a tour of San Francisco’s can’t-miss food experiences.



The main course isn't just a best-of list. It’s THE best-of list from best-of chefs, world-class world-travelers and culinary connoisseurs. From decadent desserts to classic city fare, this list will whet your appetite for 20 dishes worth traveling to try.



Great engagement with the microsite showed delicious results, with several pieces of content seeing average time on page at multiple minutes, and thousands of unique page views monthly.