Orange Theory Fitness

Video / Animation / Design / Scriptwriting

With no winter in Miami, Ruxly set out to get beach bodies in shape with Orangetheory Fitness. Alternating between treadmills, rowing machines and a weight-lifting station, Orangetheory’s signature regimen combines endurance, power and strength high-intensity training with their signature “afterburn”, helping to burn calories and build muscle power long after the workout has ended. Employing a unique scoreboard tracking format, Orangetheory uses a heart-rate zone system to keep participants motivated throughout. 

Establishing a clear brand voice in a sea of fitness options, Ruxly’s production regimen included a broadcast commercial, as well as videos for national conventions and franchise sales. Combining a mix of live action video, motion graphics, interviews, and energetic music, the films were designed to engage and evoke the emotions behind an OTF experience. 

The success isn’t just fitting into our skinny jeans, Orangetheory has now sold more than 800 franchise licenses. Revenue has grown by more than 300 percent since 2015, and it currently serves more than 300,000 members worldwide, with memberships increasing, on a single-studio basis, by 10 to 15 percent year-over-year.

“It’s just growing like wildfire,” Orangetheory co-founder Ellen Latham said.