Pet's Trust - Kill my Dog


Pets' Trust Miami

Animation / Design / Scriptwriting / Audio Production

Pets’ Trust Miami is a citizens’ initiative to improve animal welfare, increase adoptions and decrease overpopulation. It provides free and low cost spay/neuter, educational programs, financial assistance for rescue groups, and other programs that benefit the animals of South Florida. 

Working with a grassroots shoestring budget, trust proponents managed to sway key commissioners, and nearly 500,000 supportive voters to win a non-binding straw ballot tax increase that would fund the program. Unfortunately, city leaders rejected the will of the voters and didn’t add the money to the city budget by raising taxes for this initiative.

That’s when Ruxly began barking up the tree. Using a tongue in cheek premise, we designed an animated video to educate and show what “shouldn’t” be done to help the homeless animals of the area. 

Once released into the social media wild, the video became a viral sensation amongst the animal-loving community. Enough people got the joke and local politicians were absolutely swamped with calls, and city commission meetings were packed with supporters.