Animation / Design / Scriptwriting / Music Scoring / Audio Production

Staten Island's St. George waterfront, with its spectacular views of Manhattan, New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, is set to be transformed into one of New York City's top tourism destinations with the construction of the New York Wheel, which will be the world’s largest observation wheel. 

Needing a spectacular video to highlight the coming attraction for potential sponsors and investors, the development team turned to Ruxly for the creation of an animated film that captured the timeless romance of both New York City and riding in a Ferris Wheel. Hand drawn and using an original score, the unique video was a centerpiece of a launch event with city government and business leaders. 

"We are excited to play a part in putting Staten Island on the world stage, and we have made a significant investment to create a world-class attraction that will change the New York City skyline and attract millions of New Yorkers and visitors annually to Staten Island's North Shore," said New York Wheel CEO Rich Marin. 

Securing all needed capital, the project is now fully funded and in the middle of a complicated construction, with an opening date set in April 2018.

Tourism officials are already promoting the wheel, along with the new Whitney Museum of American Art and the observatory atop One World Trade Center, as part of “the new New York,” reports Fred Dixon, the chief executive of NYC & Company, the city’s marketing and tourism organization.