Miami International Film Festival

Campaign / Animation / Video Production

At the intersection of cinema and art, the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) rolls out the red carpet for some of the best characters in the world every spring. For the festival’s 32nd edition Ruxly was cast in the role of Creative Studio. Our content campaign was designed to drive awareness in the months leading up to the festival as well as excite and engage a new and younger audience.

Refreshing the brand aesthetic, tone and messaging to meet the caliber of its position as one of the top film festivals in the world, the work highlighted the 10 days of movies, music, arts, culture, parties and events that stretch across the city of Miami.

Just as the festival’s brand needed a refresh, so did their technology, which was based on an outdated platform. We designed and coded a completely new site and ticketing system, now prepared to handle the new influx of moviegoers.

And what a festival it was! With over 250 screenings over 10 days and 8 locations, 60,000+ attendees saw the best in filmmaking featuring “Every Character Under the Sun”. 


Our team crafted a fresh identity inspired by Carl Jung’s 12 primary archetypes of the collective unconscious, including: The Hero, The Villain, The Sage, The Enchantress, The Rebel, etc.      

Every story, from ancient cave paintings to the latest screenplays features these classic narratives, and we made the Miami Film Festival a nod to the human experience. The core concept was rooted in the central plots, symbols and personalities that define our culture. 

In composing original music for MIFF, we combined the campaign’s core concept with a complementary musical technique known as Leitmotif, a Wagnerian-style that breathes drama into character-specific melodies/themes. 

We wrote a signature score for the festival’s introduction and opening ID, which plays for the audience before every film featured in the festival. The main components morph throughout the piece to conjure a variety of themes—each paired with a primary archetype. 


New commercials were produced in spanish and english and filmed on location throughout Miami. The spots kicked off the cohesive campaign in bold yellow, black and white. 

Ruxly's creative team crafted cinematically stylized scenes that strategically fuse classic film aesthetics with views into the festival's venues and historic settings. The compelling cast of personas put a playful new twist on the meaning of the tagline: “Every Character Under the Sun.”


A digital series of thematic animated shorts created to deliver informative & entertaining vignettes about the festival.  WHAT IS MIFF? gives a general overview of the festival's film premiers, showings and events.  WHERE IS MIFF? familiarizes viewers with the rich cultural history and setting of the festival's venues.  WHO IS MIFF?  Introduces the fantastic, famous, and legendary people who have premiered, partied and promenaded on the Miami Film Festival's red carpet through the years. 





The official poster features legendary writer, producer, and director Orson Welles strolling the Miami Beach boardwalk in 1943, and transforming the historic photo into an iconic image that served as the face of the festival.  

The design was inspired by the Art Deco style, a signature of Miami and the dynamic character, life and work of Orson Welles. Like Citizen Kane's bold, purposeful cinematography, script and performances - the bold, purposeful use of shapes and color echo Welles’ larger than life, legendary persona and voice.

The poster deliberately strikes a balance between - homage to the history/icons of classic film, and the legendary history of the city and the festival.