She is Empowered


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Caterpillar Inc. is on a mission to make access to energy a basic global human right. The Caterpillar Foundation provides sustainable energy products to women in developing nations around the world. Ruxly contributed to the cause by a creating a content campaign that shines a light on the incredible stories of remarkable women across the world who have inspired Caterpillar to unite businesses, nonprofits, governments, and citizens in the fight to alleviate poverty for millions of people worldwide.  




The site spotlights sharable stories, data and info bites that engage a global community in discussion around two very powerful facts:

  1. Women are the key to curing poverty.
  2. Energy access creates direct, real change for families, communities and the world.



A short film produced for the United Nations Foundation-created international day of giving. The video spotlights Caterpillar’s humanitarian work and mission of giving energy access to the world.



  • Inspire the global community to take part in the spirit of the giving back and participating in charitable efforts.
  • Inform the company's employees about CAT's philanthropic accomplishments over the past year.