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Caterpillar Inc. is committed to making access to energy a basic human right around the world. The company, on behalf of its non-profit division, set out to shine a light on women from impoverished nations who propel their families and their communities beyond the norm with positivity and poise. Ruxly joined the efforts, working to create a campaign which would raise awareness and increase participation.


The brand design, video, microsite ( and social media movement (#SheIs) educates and informs the viewer through uplifting profiles of the real and remarkable women who inspire Caterpillar’s efforts.   

The Caterpillar Foundation laid out their mission with this initiative: “Just as poverty does not happen in isolation, neither does its alleviation.That is the notion that the She Is campaign is facing head-on. It is aimed at giving women in developing nations increased access to energy.”

At the 2016 Global Citizen Festival in New York, our short film for the “She Is” campaign premiered live on MSNBC to millions of viewers and in front of more than 60,000 people who gathered in Central Park to hear music from artists including Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar, as well as important and motivating messages from luminaries such as Michelle Obama. Ruxly created all ‘day of’ implementation; from messaging airing on MSNBC, to live banners, branded charging stations, and photo booths where attendees could create their own double exposure silhouettes just like the incredible women in the campaign.  

A spectacular highlight of the day was Caterpillar presenting the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti with a Cat 3500 generator, which will provide energy to more than 150,000 people a year by way of organizations within St. Luke’s network of hospitals, schools, orphanages and more.

"When we can put people on the path to prosperity, it gives them opportunities for education, jobs, and ultimately, economic growth," said Michele Sullivan, president of the Cat Foundation. “The women and the girls are critical,” she said. “Whether a woman ends up as an engineer or a doctor or a shopkeeper, the world is going to benefit.”




The site spotlights sharable stories, data and info bites that engage a global community in discussion around two very powerful facts:

  1. Women are the key to curing poverty.
  2. Energy access creates direct, real change for families, communities and the world.


As a follow up to the “She Is” efforts around the Global Citizen event, we produced another short film leading up to Giving Tuesday, the United Nations Foundation-created international day of giving, formed as a response to the rampant consumerism of the holiday season. The goal of the project? To inspire the global community to take part in the spirit of the day, giving back and participating in charitable efforts.

The video encapsulates the Caterpillar’s humanitarian work, communicating the Foundation's mission of giving energy access to the world through a new vehicle: the online conversation around Giving Tuesday.

It was also used internally to inform the company's employees about CAT's philanthropic accomplishments over the past year.