New Era
Pinstripe Bowl


Animation | Design | Scriptwriting | Audio Production

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Throughout history Yankee Stadium has hosted a long list of legends, like Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali, Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth and... Ruxly? Although Yankee Stadium is best known as a baseball battleground, the famous field is also home to The New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Yankee Stadium Events recruited Ruxly to create content that would generate excitement and ticket sales in the months leading up to “New York’s Bowl Game.” 




Ruxly created a series of animated ads that were passed to football fans and played on pre-roll, TV and in the stadium during Yankee games and other events.  We blitzed social media with GIFs to let everyone know about the upcoming match.  We informed fans through every step of their journey of anticipation and excitement with custom content that promoted the game before and after the teams were announced.  

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Ruxly's productions helped pack Yankee Stadium full of football fans who watched the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Boston College Eagles battle in the Bronx at The New Era Pinstripe Bowl. President of the New York Yankees, Randy Levine, called the contest "the most successful game in its history" based on advanced ticket sales. 


“The style and execution of the content was exactly what I was looking for to showcase our contemporary brand within our historic venue.
I’m very proud of the product, as was my team.”
— SARAH SCHULER, Senior Manager Yankee Stadium Events.