Yankee Stadium

Animation / Design / Illustration

It wasn’t long after Babe Ruth’s rise to baseball fame that Yankee Stadium became a battleground for football too. Classics like “The Kick”, “The Tackle” and “Winning One for the Gipper” all were fought out on the same grass and soil as the summertime residents, the Bronx Bombers. Even “The Greatest Game Ever Played” was right there on 161st Street and River Avenue.

So there was no shortage of history in the old ballpark. But the new Yankee Stadium, which replaced “The House that Ruth Built” in 2009 needed to create it’s own legacy with the pigskin. Thus the New Era Pinstripe Bowl was born, an annual classic pitting two powerhouses in a season finale showcase, ending a 50 year drought of college football in New York City. The hitch? The teams wouldn’t be selected until the regular season completed, making lead up promotion of the event a unique marketing challenge.


Ruxly’s game plan? To produce two animated TV ads, representing the universal iconography of the game, to generate excitement through the fall and pack the stadium in December. These were easily modified once Penn State and Boston College were chosen to participate, ensuring fans of both schools made their way to the Stadium. Both ads were used in traditional broadcast and pre-roll digital media, as well as at the Stadium itself during Yankee games and other events. The style also leveraged for custom banner artwork and social platform integrations.

Sarah Schuler, Senior Manager with Yankee Stadium Events was thrilled with the work, “The style and execution of the content was exactly what I was looking for to showcase our contemporary brand within our historic venue. I’m very proud of the product as was my team.”

And there’s no doubt that the rollicking vibe of the commercials’ illustrations and audio resonated with fans. How can we be so sure of this home run (to mix sports metaphors)? In a pregame press conference, Randy Levine, president of the New York Yankees, said that the contest was "the most successful game in its history" based on advanced ticket sales.