Post Likely to Succeed: Branded Video Content

Ashley Friedman

The best branded content connects with its audience by presenting relatable, entertaining - and ideally shareable - media without drenching it in marketing jargon or industry cliche. Posting video that offers a value whether it’s edifying, instructive or inspiring, gives you a chance to connect with your audience beyond a point-of-sale interaction, and forge the kind of relationships that turn into brand loyalty. Check out some of the best in branded video below to upgrade your own posts, and captivate your audience!

1. How to / DIY

Everyone wants to know how to do stuff, and the faster the better. The best DIY/How-To content on Instagram breaks projects down into manageable pieces and shows viewers how to achieve the result quickly and cleanly. Well-produced DIY content lets viewers know that you’re an authority, while still being approachable, and turns your IG page into a destination. 

2. Product Demos

Product demonstration can be among the toughest kinds of branded video content to pull off--you need to show why your product’s great without give any hard-sell vibes. A good demo video depicts a relatable, fun, real-life scenarios with your product or service as a backdrop helping viewers see the value without hitting them over the head with a sales pitch.

3. Explainers

Videos that prove your brand is authoritative and forward-thinking make your content instantly shareable, and give it a gravity outside of marketing. It also increases the likelihood of people seeing your page as a destination. Lots of shares equals lots of page views, and you know what that leads to.


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4. Documentary/Inspiration

Compelling video posts that open your audience’s eyes to new experiences, places and realities can galvanize and excite them. The ability to offer inspiration will establish your brand as far more than a purveyor of products.


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5. Cute

Okay who doesn’t love cute animals? Or chubby infants? Nobody. Whether you’re calling attention to a cause or promotion or simply just hoping to light up some lives, you can’t go wrong with a swimming pit bull.