The beauty of art is it forces our minds to expand
and consider different points of view.
— Dr. Willie Logan

We first met Dr. Willie Logan, President/CEO of the Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation(OLCDC),
outside of the distinctly domed, historic Hurt building in the heart of Opa-Locka, Florida. 

Dr. Logan, greeted us with a personal tour of the local landmark/ OLCDC HQ
and shared his vision and passion for the organization’s latest project: 

The THRIVE Innovation District, a state of the art campus created to provide empowering
opportunities in the arts, technology, education, business, urban agriculture, health and wellness.



Content for the
Cultural Journey


OLCDC's commitment to art as an essential pillar of education and community resonated with, and inspired our team. We were honored when Dr. Logan invited us to create content to help promote the project and spread awareness about the THRIVE Innovation District.