We create campaigns that meet the education community with engaging, relevant entertainment at every step of the customer journey. Browse below to explore some work we've made with 23andMe Education, Columbia University and other great education brands. 

We hope to speak to you soon about your goals to greener pastures.


23andMe | Education Platform + Content + Marketing Collateral 

23andMe needed a custom online platform developed for the launch of their Education department, programs, and initiatives. Enter Ruxly to the rescue. We custom built the very first EDU portal that would continue driving 23 into the stratosphere of Silicon Valley. Since, we've developed several sites and campaigns packed full of amazing content and marketing collateral that span the many departments of this incredibly innovative juggernaut. 


University of Chicago | Video + Animation

The UCHI set out on a mission to help more students make it to and through high school and college. Ruxly created this short film to be the centerpiece of their To & Through campaign. UCHI's launch event introduced the campaign to the public, educators, non-profits, policy partners, civic leaders, and students in attendance via a concise, engaging and impactful video.


Columbia University | Platform + Digital Development

Columbia University is a brand new school nobody has heard about...said no one ever! Well maybe back in 1753. Ruxly was brought in to sculpt a new digital platform for the School of International and Public Affairs. Many discussions, workdays, designs, and lines of code later we helped them launch an amazing new dynamic and responsive custom website. 

Columbia University.png

Thrive Innovation District | Animated Explainer Video + Social Content

OLCDC's commitment to art as an essential pillar of education and community resonated with, and inspired our team. We were honored when Dr. Logan invited us to create content to help promote the project and spread awareness about the THRIVE Innovation District. A state of the art campus created to provide empowering opportunities in the arts, technology, education, business, urban agriculture, health and wellness.


Gulliver | Design + Marketing Collateral

Gulliver approached Ruxly with the task of redesigning and rethinking their brands approach to events and fundraising. We answered the call and at their 2017 Raider Fest alone, we helped to exceeded their attendance goal by almost triple! Their goal was 500-800 attendees, we helped them exceed 2000!

My University Advisor | Video Content

My University Advisor needed a video to capture and convey the essence of their mission. In fact, they needed this super ninja fast to deploy in time for an upcoming campaign. Ruxly came to the rescue with an awesome thumb-stopping social video that helped them launch their core message and platform to teachers and students alike. The company rejoiced as they launched their incredible platform to the world.