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Genetic Material


Content Campaign | Branding | Web/Graphic Design | Video | Animation


23andMe and Ruxly!

We joined forces with the personal genomics company to create content about chromosomes that helps people explore and learn more about their health, traits and ancestry. Scroll down to view a few videos, social posts, magazines, and an interactive education game we made for 23andMe.



DNA Discovery Microsite

An interactive education game for players of all ages. Embark on an exciting exploration to discover the secret blueprint for all living things, aka our DNA! You can navigate sixteen animated mini-lessons and test your knowledge with quiz question checkpoints along the way. 

Social Content



Layout and Design for the DNA Decoder magazine. Written by students, for students as a platform to connect, inspire and talk about DNA with colleagues, families, and community. Featuring: articles, interviews, cartoons, poems, songs, games, etc... 

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A video that answers one simple question: "What are genetics clubs!?" Providing students a quick and easy crash course on the purpose and benefits of starting (or joining) a Genetics Club at their school. 

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