Here are some key takeaways from our conversation and initial research. This will help inform ways we can move forward together. The Ruxly Team is excited to face new frontiers and dig in deeper with you and your team! 

What we heard:

Bring together the experience in a very visual way. People don't fully understand genetics/DNA/chromosomes and are getting lost on the written content. We need to figure out a way to distill in a simpler way (infographics, animations, e-books, visual learning, etc). 

One core idea mentioned was to make the experience feel like a video game or journey/advancing levels at key checkpoints; following treasure maps and finding treasure, unlocking a mystery, being an explorer/adventurer, putting the reader in the driver seat (1st person). 

Also, we know a challenge is to create content that is evergreen. And overall we want to convey a brand style of modern, clean, and sophisticated. 




Education program intro

What is the Education program? Lead into site with educator and student focused videos. Inspire more 2-way conversation with educators, asking them to submit content in the form of videos/lesson plans which can then be repurposed across platforms, either in its original form or recreated through video or animation.

Lesson Upload

Create a better call to action/aesthetically appealing template for teachers to easily upload lessons.


Make Tutorials more fun/animated on product site.

101 Videos 

Update to contemporary animation and more sophisticated copy for a broader audience across age groups.


Lesson intro videos 

A brief 15-45 second video explaining a specific concept within a lesson (scientific theory, a formula, etc..)

23 & Me Research Posters and White Papers 

Each could just be converted into or supported by an infographic or simple animation to make more digestible.


Animate existing webinars similar to the TED Radio Hour videos to make more engaging, We can also edit webinars down into short clips for social use.

FAQ Videos

We can cut down and caption for use across social.





Possible shoot on location of an event/activation (would be great to have Boys & Girls Club video).

Grant Winners

Let’s shoot video around these educators that have fully embraced the program.


Create nice graphics or images to be on each blog post.





2 Introduction Videos for Education Program Home Page

  • One for educators

  • One for students

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

12 Newly Animated 101 Videos

  • Animated explainer videos that are a litte more sophisticated. Can inform students, educators, and are still digestible for kids

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

5 Product Videos (:60 - :120)

  • One for each section of the product journey

  • Edited asset videos (using current footage and stock footage/photos)

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

20 Illustrated Memes

  • To navigate the customer journey and learning queues

10 Animated GIFs

  • For fun social sharing and engagement

5 Infographic Instructions

  • To accompany each section of product journey

  • Include examples:

    • Show callouts / Pro tips

    • Maybe conference IQ example to show callouts

    • Example: instructional style infographics